Isuzu Elf Dump 1984

A truck is a medium-sized to big vehicle whose primary function is to convey substantial volumes of cargo and merchandise for commercial purposes. Modern trucks vary greatly in size, how much they can carry, and appearance, and most of them operate on diesel fuel. However, all of them have a larger area in the back for freight. This 1984 MINI TRUCK has a 3000cc engine, a manual gearbox, a 2x2 drive, 54004 km of mileage, and a diesel fuel type. The car in question has a manual gearbox and is right-hand drive. The Isuzu Elf can deliver the same amount of power even with a smaller diesel engine (only 2.8 liters) and a lower rev limit. The Elf accelerates more quickly as a result. Visit our website, CARSGURU.UG, or get in touch with a member of our team if you'd like to buy one of these vehicles. The 1984 Isuzu Elf Dump revolutionized the commercial vehicle industry and served as a model for subsequent versions of compact utility trucks. It's cutting-edge construction and useful features established a standard for effectiveness and utility in a more compact form. Numerous ideas pioneered by the Elf Dump are still present in the engineering and design of contemporary utility vehicles. Conclusion: In the world of commercial vehicles, the 1984 Isuzu Elf Dump continues to stand for practicality, ingenuity, and efficiency. The compact, robust, and inventive Isuzu Elf Dump demonstrated the company's dedication to meeting business needs. The Elf Dump is a utility truck design pioneer that honors durable machines built for exceptional performance.


  • Stock No                                        Y-0469
  • BODY                                           Mini Truck
  • MILEAGE                                     54004km
  • FUEL TYPE                                   Diesel
  • ENGINE                                       3300CC
  • YEAR                                             1984
  • DRIVE                                            2x2
  • EXTERIOR COLOR                       Blue
  • INTERIOR COLOR                        Black
  • DOORS                                           2
  • SEATS                                             3
  • DRIVE SIDE                                 Right Hand
  • VIN                                             NKR57ED-0415447

Additional feature:

3 seats, multiple entries, 2 Doors, Power Steering, AC, ABS, Airbags, Radio, Jack, Spare Tyre, Wheel spanner, Fabric Seats, Blue is the color.