Mitsubishi Canter Dump 1991

Mitsubishi Canter Dump 1991 is a big step forward for the company. This truck had made a big impact on the Asian market by the 1970s. After that, it exploded in popularity all over the world. This includes numerous countries such as Australia, Portugal, Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe, Turkey, and New Zealand. The distinctiveness, usability, and light weight of the Mitsubishi Canter are largely attributable to its intentionally constructed lightweight frame, which has been developed to maintain reliability and longevity without compromising either. Customers love that the Mitsubishi Canter is easy to use right away, which is a big reason for its popularity.


Most models have simple cab layouts that work well for day-to-day work. The cabs are painted white, and the front bumpers are black or grey in some models. The outside is easy to recognize because it has a big trademark text that says "FUSO/MITSUBISHI FUSO" and a Mitsubishi logo on the grille at the front.


Inside the cabin, there is enough room for everyone to move around and stand up. The interior of the cab is unremarkable but adequate at first sight. Drivers love the soft, elegant-looking felt seats with firm seat belts that lock and retract and adjustable suspension. The seat position can be changed at will. The seat can be comfortable on long or bumpy off-road trips.


  • Stock   no        Y-1243
  • BODY     Mini Truck
  • MILEAGE             162945 km
  • FUEL TYPE           Diesel
  • ENGINE 4210CC
  • THE YEAR            1991
  • DRIVE    4x4
  • EXTERIOR COLOR             Blue
  • INTERIOR COLOR              Black
  • DOORS  2
  • SEATS    3
  • DRIVE SIDE          Right Hand
  • VIN        FK337BD-440596