Toyota RAV-4 2008

Toyota RAV-4 2008 The compact SUV segment is probably the most competitive part of the car business right now. That means there are more models than ever for people to choose from. Toyota redesigned the RAV4 from the ground up for 2006. It now has a more masculine look than previous versions, but that doesn't make it the best.


When the RAV4 was redesigned last year, it was no longer a "cute-Ute" like it used to be. A few of my friends said it was still a car for women, but I thought my red test car was sporty enough for any man to drive. Just by looking at the small SUV's big black grille, you could tell it meant business.


Toyota isn't known for its bold interior design, and the RAV4 isn't much different, though there are a few things that try to be eye-catching. When passing and merging on the highway, the engine revved happily, but there was a jolt between gears. The five-speed automatic transmission was not the smoothest I've tried, and you'll know when you're changing gears. There's no fake speed here; when you step on the gas, it goes right away. The RAV4 can be driven with either two or four wheels.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the new RAV4 their highest rating, "Good," in both frontal and side-impact crash tests. Features: My test car had nice features, but it didn't have leather seats, power seats, or audio controls on the steering wheel.