Isuzu Elf Crane 1987:

An iconic and sturdy commercial vehicle with a stellar reputation for dependability and outstanding utility is the Isuzu Elf Crane 1987. Designed to meet the demands of multiple industries, including as construction and logistics, the Isuzu Elf series has it all. This is the Isuzu Elf Crane 1987 up close: Strong and Reliable Crane: The Isuzu Elf Crane 1987's crane system is its most notable feature. This truck has a strong and dependable crane that can easily handle heavy lifting and load-carrying duties. It is an essential tool for warehouses, building sites, and other settings where handling materials is vital. Strong and long-lasting: Isuzu is known for making durable cars, and the Elf Crane is no exception. Built to last, the 1987 model can survive the rigors of even the most rigorous industrial situations. Its sturdy construction guarantees that it can withstand demanding working conditions and large weights. Flexible Uses: The Isuzu Elf Crane can be used for a variety of activities because to its flexibility and adaptability. This truck is a trustworthy workhorse, whether it's moving building supplies, loading and unloading freight, or supporting infrastructure projects. Longevity: The Elf Crane carries with it Isuzu's reputation for durability, and many owners discover that with regular maintenance, these trucks can offer years of dependable service. Let's sum up: the Isuzu Elf Crane 1987 is a sturdy and dependable commercial vehicle that can manage material transportation and heavy lifting tasks. Its sturdy design, strong crane system, and adaptability make it a valuable asset for sectors needing effective material handling solutions.


  • Stock No                                     Y-0714
  • Location                              Future holdings
  • Vin No                               NKR57-4664325
  • Body type                                 Mini Truck
  • Make                                              Isuzu
  • Model                                          Elf Crane
  • Millage                                        79515 Km
  • Fuel Type                                       Diesel
  • Engine Capacity                           3300 cc
  • Year                                                   1987
  • Transmission                                 Manual
  • Drive type                                          4x2
  • Ext Color                                          White
  • Interior color                                    Black
  • Doors                                                     2
  • Seats                                                      3
  • Drive Side                               Right hand side
  • Weight                                           2000 kgs
Additional Features: Fabric Seats, Power Steering, AC, ABS, Airbags, Radio, Jack , Spare Tyre, Wheels spanner, Key Start, Fog light