Isuzu Juston Dump 1990:

Isuzu Juston Dump 1990 is the model name for this 1990 MINI TRUCK, which has a manual gearbox, 4x4 drive, a 6500cc diesel engine, and 164301 kilometers on the odometer. Right-hand drive and manual gearbox are both features of this car. It is a medium to large-sized vehicle whose main purpose is to move large amounts of commercial goods and cargo. What it has in common with other cars is that there is room for cargo in the back. Frequently asked questions regarding the Isuzu Juston Truck are posted on by users from across the world every day. You can find hundreds of Isuzu Juston Trucks ready in stock for buy. To acquire the cheapest price, you may either contact the following export companies in Japan that specialize in Isuzu Juston Trucks or check out the company's website. Every day, a large number of Isuzu Juston Truck inquiries come to from people all across the world. Hundreds of Isuzu Juston trucks are available for purchase. Please check the list of all Isuzu Juston Truck Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get the best offers. The 1990 Isuzu Juston Dump had a significant impact on the commercial vehicle market by establishing new benchmarks for usefulness and efficiency. Its combination of tough construction, powerful performance, and cutting-edge technology served as the model for later iterations of utility trucks. Modern commercial vehicles' design and engineering are still influenced by Juston Dump's founding concepts. Its longevity demonstrates Isuzu's commitment to making trucks that are truly effective at their jobs and serves as a tribute to the lasting relevance of vehicles made to perform well in challenging work situations.


  • Stock No                                      Y-0234
  • BODY                                          Mini Truck
  • MILEAGE                                   164301km
  • FUEL TYPE                                   Diesel
  • ENGINE                                      6500CC
  • THE YEAR                                             1990
  • DRIVE                                            4x4
  • EXTERIOR COLOR                        White
  • INTERIOR COLOR                          Black
  • DOORS                                             2
  • SEATS                                              3
  • DRIVE SIDE                                   Right Hand
  • VIN                                                NRR12CD-3605137