Isuzu Juston Dump 2000:

The Isuzu Juston Dump 2000 model designation for this 2000 is Equipped with a 7200 cc Engine and manual transmission and 4x4 Drive with Diesel fuel type and mileage of 210060Km. This vehicle is a right-hand drive and is equipped with a manual transmission. It comes in blue, green, and white, among other colors. If you can't find the best used branded model you want at the price you want to pay, please send your question to Buy from Stock or auction. Our hundreds of trusted and qualified exporters will find you the best Isuzu Juston 2000 from a large stock in Japan. If you send us an inquiry, we'll send you a daily email alert when new Isuzu Juston 2000 stock arrives, so you can get the best deal directly from Japan and save time. gets a lot of questions about the Isuzu Juston 2000 every day from people in many countries. There are many luxury vehicles in stock and ready to buy. Please check the list of all Isuzu Juston 2000 exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get the best deals. The 2000 Isuzu Juston Dump forever changed performance and versatility standards in the commercial vehicle sector. The Juston Dump paved the way for upcoming utility vehicle generations with its blend of robust design, potent performance, and cutting-edge technologies. Its fundamental principles still influence contemporary commercial vehicle engineering and design. In conclusion, the 2000 Isuzu Juston Dump demonstrates Isuzu's dedication to business requirements by fusing ingenuity, adaptability, and endurance. Its lasting impact emphasizes vehicles succeeding in challenging industries, reiterating Isuzu's commitment to trucks that bring performance and versatility.


  • Stock No                                            Y-0801
  • BODY                                                Mini Truck
  • MILEAGE                                         210060km
  • FUEL TYPE                                       Diesel
  • ENGINE                                           7200CC
  • THE YEAR                                         2000
  • DRIVE                                                 4x4
  • EXTERIOR COLOR                        White
  • INTERIOR COLOR                          Black
  • DOORS                                                 2
  • SEATS                                                   3
  • DRIVE SIDE                                    Right Hand
  • VIN                                                  NRR35C3-7001388