Mitsubishi Canter 1989:

A durable and adaptable light-duty truck that has withstood the test of time is the Mitsubishi Canter. It has been a well-liked option for companies and people looking for a trustworthy workhorse because of its straightforward yet useful design. The Mitsubishi Canter 1989 normally has a powerful diesel engine under the hood. Transporting equipment or commodities is one task that this engine's power and torque are adequate for. It is an logical option for long-distance travel or daily commuting thanks to its endurance and effective fuel economy. The Mitsubishi Canter 1989 is a well-suited vehicle for traversing congested city streets or small country roads thanks to its tiny and agile form. Its narrow turning radius makes it easier to maneuver, which is especially useful on packed job sites or in dense urban areas. The Mitsubishi Canter 1989 provides a practical and utilitarian area inside the cabin. The dashboard is uncomplicated and plain, emphasizing utility over luxury, and the seating is pleasant. Even while it lacks some of the more modern conveniences and comforts seen in newer truck models, it nevertheless offers the necessities for a comfortable and effective working environment. The safety of its passengers is a top priority for the Mitsubishi Canter 1989. Typical safety measures include seatbelts and a robust design to prevent crashes. Although it might not have the cutting-edge safety pieces seen in more recent cars, its durable construction and consistent performance provide owners peace of mind. Overall, the Mitsubishi Canter 1989 is a capable light-duty truck that is suitable for a range of jobs and settings. Because of its duty, adaptability, and uncomplicated design, it is a well-liked option among organizations and people who need a reliable and affordable transportation alternative.


  • Stock No:                                                                Y-0435
  • Location:                                                                Future holdings
  • Vin No:                                                                   FE337-520606
  • Body type:                                                              Mini Tipper
  • Make:                                                                      Mitsubishi
  • Model:                                                                    Canter
  • Millage:                                                                 219040km
  • Fuel Type:                                                             Diesel
  • Engine:                                                                  4200cc
  • Year:                                                                      1989
  • Transmission:                                                     Manual
  • Drive Type:                                                            4 by 2
  • Ext Color:                                                              Blue
  • Interior Color:                                                     Black
  • Doors:                                                                     2
  • Seats:                                                                      3
  • Loading Capacity:                                            3000kg
  • Drive side:                                                        Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Power Steering, Fabric Seats, AC, ABS, Airbags, Radio, Key Start, Jack, Spare Tyre, Wheels Spanner