Mitsubishi Canter Crane 1988:

The Mitsubishi Canter Crane 1988 is a flexible and dependable truck that combines the features of a crane and a medium-duty truck. It has established itself as a reliable option for individuals looking for a multipurpose work vehicle thanks to its tough construction and strong crane system. The Mitsubishi Canter Crane 1988 is powered by a reliable diesel engine that generates enough power and torque to accomplish a variety of lifting and hauling jobs. It is appropriate for a range of industries because of its durable design and dependable parts, which ensure that it can handle big weights and tough working conditions. The integrated crane system is the Mitsubishi Canter Crane 1988's most notable feature. This hydraulic crane is perfect for building sites, infrastructure projects, and other applications where items need to be lifted and positioned precisely because it enables efficient and exact lifting and maneuvering of big objects. The Mitsubishi Canter Crane 1988 boasts a strong chassis and a cleverly constructed crane system. Its small size and ease of movement make it excellent for moving in confined spaces and urban locations, and its tough suspension system guarantees stability and a comfortable ride even while towing big cargo. The Mitsubishi Canter Crane provides a driver-friendly interior with a functional space. The Mitsubishi Canter Crane puts the safety of the driver and other workers on the working site first. For the necessary protection during crane operations, it normally includes conventional safety elements like seatbelts and a solid construction. Overall, the Mitsubishi Canter Crane 1988 is a dependable and effective truck that blends a crane's functioning with a medium-duty truck's capabilities. Businesses and people in need of a flexible and reliable work vehicle can consider it because of its integrated crane system, strong engine, and durable construction.


  • Stock No:                                                                                        Y-0567
  • Location:                                                                                       Future holdings
  • Vin No:                                                                                          FE335E-522134
  • Body type:                                                                                    Mini Tipper
  • Make:                                                                                            Mitsubishi
  • Model:                                                                                          Canter Crane
  • Millage:                                                                                         127416km
  • Fuel Type:                                                                                     Diesel
  • Engine:                                                                                         3600cc
  • Year:                                                                                              1988
  • Transmission:                                                                             Manual
  • Drive type:                                                                                   4x2
  • Ext Color:                                                                                    White
  • Interior color:                                                                            Grey
  • Doors:                                                                                            2
  • Seats:                                                                                             3
  • Loading Capacity:                                                                  2000kg
  • Carne Capacity:                                                                     1000kg
  • Drive side:                                                                             Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Power Steering, Fabric Seats, Ac, ABS, Airbags, Radio, Key Start, Jack, Spare Tyre , Wheels Spanner