Mitsubishi Canter Dump 1986

Mitsubishi Canter Dump 1986 is known for making SUVs and trucks. At one time, they ruled the growing market and were the first to see how popular it would be. Once upon a time, Mitsubishi was a very trustworthy brand. After all, Japanese car companies are known for making reliable cars, and Mitsubishi was no exception. Mitsubishi Canter Dump 1986 won an award in 2012 for being the most reliable car since 1997. This is what Warranty Direct gave them. Mitsubishi used to be a very dependable brand. Since 1997, their Lancer has been named the most reliable car, and their Colt was also very reliable. But recently, they've fallen down the list and are now one of the least reliable brands out there. Unfortunately, neither the Colt nor the Lancer are still being made, so if you wanted to get your hands on one of these very reliable models, you would have to look into buying a used one. Mitsubishi doesn't do as well as their competitors, and Honda comes out on top. Even so, Mitsubishi cars still look good, drive well, and are great if you want an off-roader with the technology of an executive car. So, if reliability isn't the most important thing to you, there's no reason why a Mitsubishi wouldn't still be a great investment. Specifications:
  • Stock No      Y-0500
  • BODY     Truck
  • MILEAGE             148477 km
  • FUEL TYPE           Diesel
  • ENGINE 3300 CC
  • YEAR      1986
  • DRIVE    4x4
  • EXTERIOR COLOR             White
  • INTERIOR COLOR              RED
  • DOORS  2
  • SEATS    3
  • DRIVE SIDE          Right Hand
  • VIN        FE434F-500239

Additional Features:

Fabric Seats, Power Widows, Power Steering, AC, ABS, Radio, Key Start, Jack, Spare Tire, Wheel Spanner.