Subaru Forester 2014:

The 2014 Subaru Forester is a dependable and flexible SUV that has captured the hearts of many automotive lovers. The Forester provides a comfortable and secure driving experience, thanks to its large interior and comprehensive safety systems. The large interior of the 2014 Forester is one of its most notable characteristics. It's a popular choice for families and anyone who value comfort, with enough of headroom and legroom for both front and back passengers. The cargo area is likewise generous, making it simple to bring bags, food, or outdoor equipment. When it comes to safety, the Forester has modern technologies to keep you and your passengers safe. Furthermore, its strong safety ratings from numerous organizations demonstrate its dedication to keeping you safe on the road. The Forester provides a capable and efficient ride in terms of performance. Its all-wheel drive technology offers traction and stability in any terrain and weather situation. The engine options provide a fair blend of power and fuel efficiency. Whether you're going off-road or driving down the highway, the Forester's performance will not disappoint. Another notable feature of the 2014 Forester is its reputation for toughness and longevity. Subaru has a solid reputation for manufacturing long-lasting automobiles, and the Forester is no exception. Its sturdy construction and dependable engineering make it a popular choice among people who appreciate long-term dependability. To summarise, the 2014 Subaru Forester is a well-rounded SUV with a lot to offer. Its large cabin, modern safety features, and outstanding performance make it an excellent choice for both individuals and families. If you're looking for a dependable and flexible SUV, the Forester 2014 is a great option.


  • Stock No:                                                                                        Z-0419
  • Location:                                                                                        Future holdings
  • Vin No:                                                                                           SJ5-040708
  • Body type:                                                                                      SUV
  • Make:                                                                                              Subaru
  • Model:                                                                                            Forester
  • Millage:                                                                                          44783km
  • Fuel Type:                                                                                      Petrol
  • Engine:                                                                                          2000cc
  • Year:                                                                                               2014
  • Transmission:                                                                             Automatic
  • Drive type:                                                                                   4 by 4
  • Ext Color:                                                                                    Gold
  • Interior color:                                                                              Black
  • Doors:                                                                                             5
  • Seats:                                                                                              5
  • Drive side:                                                                                 Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Side Mirrors, Eyesight, Side Mirror Indicator, Fabric Seats, Ac, ABS, Airbags, Radio, Tv, Central Locking, Key start, Keyless entry, Back Camera, Fog Light, Jack, spare Tire, Wheels Spanner, Rear Spoiler