Toyota Blade 2008:

Reliability. Like many vehicles based on the Corolla, the Blade is recognized as being incredibly dependable and durable. The 2.4-liter engine's timing chain won't require replacement too regularly. This engine is known to have a problem that makes it burn oil. The 2400cc engine in this 2008 Toyota Blade with the model number AZE156-1029291 has driven 47220 km in total. Right-hand drive and automatic gearbox are both features of this car. It has a Petrol Fuel type. It also has a HATCHBACK body. The color is silver. The body form of a hatchback pieces a rear door that can be opened vertically to offer simple access to the vehicle's cargo space. Hatchbacks come in a variety of sizes, from compact to bigger. In hatchback automobiles, flexible seating arrangements that can slide and fold to allow space for larger objects or luggage are usually present. This is one of the fundamental defining pieces of the hatchback body style. Four-cylinder engines with good performance and order were among the available engine choices, if a pleasurable driving experience both on city streets and on highways. The 2008 Toyota Blade prioritized safety and had a variety of technologies and pieces to protection occupants. Airbags, anti-lock brakes, and strength control were all standard equipment and advanced driver assistance systems were often available on higher model levels. The 2008 Toyota Blade was a well-rounded and adaptable hatchback alternative that successfully combined style, performance, and utility. It was a contender in the compact car market thanks to its standout styling, dependable performance, and wide range of options, which appealed to people looking for an interesting and entertaining driving experience.


  • Stock No                                Y-0204
  • BODY                                    Hatchback
  • MILEAGE                           47220 km
  • FUEL TYPE                          Petrol
  • ENGINE                                2400CC
  • YEAR                                       2008
  • DRIVE                                      4x4
  • EXTERIOR COLOR             Silver
  • INTERIOR COLOR              Black
  • DOORS                                      5
  • SEATS                                        5
  • DRIVE SIDE                          Right Hand
  • VIN                                         AZE156-1029281