Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Tx 2010:

The 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Tx is a sought-after option for both on-road and off-road enthusiasts thanks to its blend of tough ability, upscale comfort, and cutting-edge quality. The Land Cruiser Prado Tx has a well-established reputation for durability and off-road prowess, firmly confirmed in Toyota's history of producing trustworthy and capable cars. The 2010 Land Cruiser Prado Tx generally comes with a strong engine that ensures fuel order while delivering strong performance. It is suitable for a variety of driving situations, including traversing city streets and difficult terrain, thanks to its power-to-order ratio. The Prado Tx has a roomy inside with a pleasant cabin that can easily hold both passengers and goods. High-quality parts and meticulous attention to detail create an elegant inside atmosphere that makes driving enjoyable for the driver and passengers. Technology-based facilities, such as infotainment and navigation systems, improve comfort and connectedness while driving. The 2010 Land Cruiser Prado Tx's off-road capabilities are one of its most notable quality. This vehicle can confidently manage uneven terrain, steep inclines, and diverse weather situations thanks to its worldly four-wheel-drive systems, tough delay, and off-road assistance technology. The Prado Tx offers the dependability and ability that Toyota is famous for, whether it's for outdoor activities or simply navigating challenging road conditions. The 2010 Land Cruiser Prado Tx embody several cutting-edge safety technologies to protection both passengers and walker. The car is provide with modern braking systems, strength control systems, and airbags to ensure a secure driving environment. The 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Tx is a well-balanced combination of robustness, luxury, and versatility. Its reputation as a trustworthy and powerful SUV draws motorists who value both comfort and excitement in their driving.


  • Stock  No    Y-1055
  • BODY     SUV
  • MILEAGE             53580 km
  • FUEL TYPE           Petrol
  • ENGINE 2700CC
  • THE YEAR            2010
  • DRIVE    4x4
  • EXTERIOR COLOR             Pearl White
  • INTERIOR COLOR              Black
  • DOORS  5
  • SEATS    5
  • DRIVE SIDE          Right Hand
  • VIN        TRJ150-0011164