The 2014 Toyota Probox Van is a useful and adaptable small commercial vehicle that meets the requirements of organizations and people seeking dependable transportation options. The Probox Van was created with ability and utility in mind, and because of its dependability and cost-effective performance, it is a popular option for many applications. Design and Exterior: The Toyota Probox Van has a functional design with a small, boxy shape that maximizes the amount of cargo space within. Its appearance demonstrates its simplicity and process, making it suitable for commercial use. Although it may not be very eye-catching in terms of aesthetics, its straightforward form accomplishes a specific task: it offers a durable and economical workhorse. Interior and Cargo Space: The Probox Van has a roomy, useful cabin inside. The design is utilitarian and focused on moving cargo. Businesses needing to transport goods, tools, or equipment will find the roomy cargo room and easy access through the back and side doors to be ideal. The goal is to maximize cargo volume while maintaining driver comfort. Versatility: The Probox Van has exceptional utility. It is a flexible and useful option due to its sizable cargo area, simple accessibility, and flexibility in configuration to suit different demands. It can adjust to different business needs whether utilized for deliveries, as a mobile workshop, or as a taxi. The 2014 Toyota Probox Van is a no-nonsense, uncomplicated workhorse that excels at meeting business needs. It has become a solid option for organizations and individuals looking for a dependable and effective compact commercial vehicle thanks to its tough and robust design, large cargo room, and cost-effective performance. The Probox Van is made to accomplish the job officially and dependably, whether you require it as a delivery van, mobile workshop or just as a cost-effective way of transportation.


  • Stock No                                  Z-0723
  • Location                            Future holdings
  • Vin No                               NCP55-0119017
  • Body type                             Station Wagon
  • Make                                         Toyota
  • Model                                       Probox van
  • Millage                                   46753 Km
  • Fuel Type                                    Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                        1500 cc
  • Year                                             2014
  • Transmission                           Automatic
  • Drive type                                    4 by4
  • Ext Color                                     Blue
  • Interior color                               Black
  • Doors                                             5
  • Seats                                              5
  • Drive side                            Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Power Steering, Fabric Seats, Ac, ABS, Airbags, Radio, Tv, key start, Jack, Spare Tyre, Wheels Spanner