Toyota Vanguard 2009:

The 2009 Toyota Vanguard is a perfect example of how Toyota can combine style and utility in a small SUV. This mid-size crossover SUV is a popular option for both individuals and families thanks to its alluring blend of modern styling, plush amenities, and reliable performance. Interior & Comfort: The Vanguard has a warm, tastefully decorated inside that welcomes you inside. The range of the cabin is user-friendly and offers comfortable seating for both the driver and passengers. The inside is elevated by high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, if a pleasurable driving experience on both short commutes and longer trips. Utility and Versatility: The Vanguard's usefulness is enhanced by its utility. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including carrying groceries or luggage as well as transporting people, thanks to its variable seating range and large cargo area. Rear seats that fold down increase cargo space and accommodate various lifestyles and hobbies. Reliability and Value: The Vanguard's enduring performance and affordable maintenance costs are clear measure of Toyota's reputation for dependability. This increases the vehicle's worth over time, along with its possibility and adaptability. Conclusion: For individuals and families looking for a versatile crossover SUV, the 2009 Toyota Vanguard is an appealing option. It is a vehicle that appeals to a wide range of preferences thanks to its combination of beautiful design, cozy inside, trustworthy performance, and useful amenities. The Vanguard delivers a well-rounded package that highlights Toyota's commitment to making vehicles that are both pleasurable and practical, whether you're navigating city streets or setting out on a weekend getaway.


  • Stock No:                                                                         Z-0118
  • Location:                                                                        Future holdings
  • Vin No:                                                                          ACA33-5238054
  • Body type:                                                                      SUV
  • Make:                                                                             Toyota
  • Model:                                                                          Vanguard
  • Millage:                                                                        74518Km
  • Fuel Type:                                                                   Petrol
  • Engine Capacity:                                                        2400cc
  • Year:                                                                             2009
  • Transmission:                                                          Automatic
  • Drive Type:                                                               4 by 4
  • Ext Color:                                                                 Grey
  • Interior Color:                                                          Black
  • Doors:                                                                        5
  • Seats:                                                                         7
  • Drive side:                                                           Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Power Steering, Power Windows, Fabric Seats, AC, ABS, Airbags, Radio, TV, Central Locking, Push start, Keyless entry, Back Camera, Fog light, Jack, Pressure pump, Wheels Spanner